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Our Week

As my father always says: “Do you want the good news or the bad news?” I always take the bad news first, so I think that is how I will deliver Our experiences this week.

The bad…

My best-friend, who just happens to be married to my uncle, had to put her furry child to sleep today.  Lulu has been a part of our family for 10+years and I simply cannot fathom going to their house and not seeing her. As adults we know she is no longer suffering, and has gone onto a better place where she will be sickly no more. This brings us solace and will help us with the grieving process; however, Beth does not understand these things. She is a child who will miss her and ask for her, she is a child that will break Marie’s heart every time she asks where Lulu is. How do I tell her Lulu is gone, and make her understand? I wish I knew the answer to that question, perhaps Beth will surprise us all, and understand everything in her own way. Perhaps she will be the key to healing for all of us.

rip lulu

I have been having horrible pain in my right arm for a few weeks. I thought it was a pinched nerve or perhaps a pulled muscle. However once I accepted that nothing was working to make it better for any length of time I went to the doctor. It turns out I have arthritis in my shoulder.  So now I keep doing what I am doing (taking ibuprofen, doing stretches, icing it, massaging castor oil into it, and praying for relief). I have been dealing with arthritis in my knees for 20years, so I will find a way to deal with this too. We are getting healthy for our children and I will not let this stand in my way of being the fun-active mom I know I can be.
The good…

Today Beth brought me some books, crawled in my lap and actually sat and read with me.  She wanted me to read first, then paraphrased what I said or told me what she saw in the pictures. It was 20 minutes of pure bliss, especially since she let Anne sit with us during story-time.  Anne giggled, babbled and pointed to pictures and touched Beth as much as she could. It was one of the rare moments when they could tolerate each other, and their sisterly love shone through. It was a moment that my heart truly needed today, as always my girls heal my heart in a way that only they can. As if that was not enough pride and joy for mom, we had a tea party in the bath this evening, and it was wonderful. I can honestly say that it was the most peaceful and enjoyable bath the girls have had in quite some time.

After 6 weeks of committing to being Healthier Parents for our kids, Henry and I are making great progress. I have lost 17lbs and I am feeling better everyday. Henry has lost 20lbs and dropped his AC1 from 8.5% to 7.1%. Anything under 6.5% is considered non-diabetic, so we are definitely on the right track. We are making small, but effective changes,  and we can see tangible results. I am getting my stress/mood eating under control, and have been able to make better choices when I feel the need to eat my blues away. The best part for me was when I had a cola yesterday (in an attempt to boot a migraine), and it tasted horrible. Now if I can just get rid of my chocolate cravings, at least now I choose dark chocolate and have 1 or 2 squares and I am done. We are taking Baby Steps after all.

So there you have it, our week in review. There are always rainbows mixed in with the storm clouds, and we must always look for them, because they fill us with light and love. Have Blessed week friends, and be thankful for the clouds and rainbows that color your world.


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