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Golden Birthday

Friday was Beth’s Golden Birthday; she was FOUR on the FOURTH. We are in absolute amazement that she is 4 already. When did that happen? It seems like just yesterday I was finishing off 36 hours of labor, watching my husband swaddle OUR baby, and finally holding the miracle I had dreamed of my entire life. Henry and I both walked broken roads before finding each other, and we both feared we would never have the family we yearned for. After trying for a VERY long time to conceive we had given up hope, and started to consider adoption. As with most things in life, when I stopped trying to control everything, the Lord blessed us with a miracle, when it was the right time. Then we gave the BEST Mother’s Day gift to our moms; we told them they were going to Grandma’s come January. Beth was extremely loved by many, before she ever made her grand entrance into the world. She was our miracle and a blessing that still fills us with more Hope, Faith and Love than we could ever express. She was beautiful, perfect and full of personality from the very beginning. She has also always been different, and the typical rules simply will never apply to our life. Fortunately, Henry works hard to make it possible for me to be a stay-at-home mom; who can be there for every twist, turn, ascent, descent, and loopy-de-loop of the Au-Some roller-coaster ride.

Thus far, Our journey as Beth’s parents has seen many feeding issues, even more sleepless nights, tons of baffling behaviors, several hospitalizations, etc… Although it is not always easy to see at the time, there is always a lesson to learn from whatever hurdle appears in our path. Our journey has also seen unequaled love, strength, sweetness, will, intelligence, affection, ingenuity, joy, inspiration, pride, laughter, etc… Beth is generally thought of as a high-maintenance girl, and is easily judged by those who do not truly know her. Whether they are judging her for better or worse, telling them she is Autistic usually gives them pause to consider their words more carefully. We are very open about her diagnosis, and the fact that it is NOT a disability; nor is it something to be mourned, cured, or ashamed of. Those who make the effort to really understand her are blessed with a beautiful and magical view of the world, which only Beth can provide. We are Autism Proud, because our girl would not be the remarkable person she is without Autism, and our girl is one of the most fascinating people, I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her progress this past year alone has been nothing short of astounding. We make daily strides in helping her understand her system better, and then communicating her needs/wants with us. The more she learns, the more she blossoms and fills us with awe at her true abilities. Our crafty girl is destined for greatness, and she will be one of the many children of this generation who show the world exactly what Temple Grandin meant when she said: “I am different, not less.” We are thankful EVERY day that this extraordinary soul chose us to be her parents, and blessed us with more wonderful than either of us ever thought we would have, and we look to the future with childlike enchantment, because the possibilities are endless for our Unique, Intriguing, Au-Some girl.

♥ Happy Birthday Princess 
Round-custom-Birthday-buttons-1343149146♥ Thank You for choosing us ♥

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