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Autism Our Way – 2012 Autism Awareness Month

This was my very first, very long post here on the Autism Proud page, prior to starting the blog, I had shared this with family and friends on April 1st to kick off Autism Awareness Month. I am re-sharing today as we attempt to move from Autism Awareness to Autism Acceptance. My post for this year will be published tomorrow for Autism ACCEPTANCE Day.



April is Autism Awareness Month. In honor of Autism Awareness and our extraordinary Autistic girl, I have decided to share some of my thoughts on the subject, by starting this blog.

Welcome to Our journey through the life of Autism, please come walk with us through the unknown door, down the untrodden path and through a world of possibilities. This blog will serve as my way of embracing our differences and attempting to show the bright side of Special Needs. I feel that beliefs/thoughts/treatments on Autism are as broad as the Spectrum itself. I typically choose not to discuss my Autistic views in cyber-space, because it is so hard to determine the tone of the cyber-word, and because I respect other’s opinions and choices on how to handle Autism Spectrum Disorder.

How we choose to handle Autism in our house, which is right for us, does not mean it is right for…

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