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This Holiday Season, please consider giving the gift of hope, rest and peace of mind to a family. If we had 13,000 people donate just $1 dollar, Aaliyah could have her Seizure Alert Dog.

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Our first Guest Post is written by a dear friend. Georgean is an amazing woman and extraordinary mom. Her one daughter, Aaliyah has a very rare form of epilepsy, and they are trying to raise the funds to get her a Seizure Alert Dog.

If you would like to help this inspiring family with their fundraising to give Aaliyah a Seizure Alert Dog, you can buy Tupperware from the Online Fundraiser on FaceBook, or make monetary donations at 4 Paws for Ability page for Aaliyah.

Here is “Why We Need a Seizure Alert Dog” from a Mommy’s perspective:

Aaliyah is our beautiful and joyful 9 year old daughter who has been battling epilepsy since immediately after her 3 month vaccinations.  I remember her first seizure like it was yesterday, she was crying for a very long time and we just couldn’t do anything for her. Her daddy was…

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