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Aaliyah’s Angels

Please prayerfully consider helping us in raising these funds to get Aaliyah’s dog. A seizure dog will allow Aaliyah to have more freedom. It will be able to accompany her everywhere and alert others if she is having a seizure; hopefully, even the ones that we can’t detect.

The Jest_Tu_Positive Life

Last week I shared our first guest post, which was submitted by a dear friend. Why We Need A Seizure Alert Dog inspired me to jump into our next Community Project. The Jest_Tu_Positive Life will be assisting in fundraising efforts to help Aaliyah get her Seizure Alert Dog, as soon as possible.

After researching several possibilities, I decided the first fundraiser I would like to attempt would be T-Shirts showing support for this extraordinary girl and the wonderful organization, which holds the power to change her life.

Thankfully, a friend recommended Booster for the fundraiser. Their staff is very thorough and great to work with. The best part is that when the campaign closes, they will deposit the funds directly to 4 Paws fundraising page for Aaliyah.

Here is the T-Shirt design, which has been approved by Aaliyah’s family and 4 Paws for Ability. Aaliyah's Angels

The gray shirt, which…

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Why We Need A Seizure Alert Dog

This Holiday Season, please consider giving the gift of hope, rest and peace of mind to a family. If we had 13,000 people donate just $1 dollar, Aaliyah could have her Seizure Alert Dog.

The Jest_Tu_Positive Life

Our first Guest Post is written by a dear friend. Georgean is an amazing woman and extraordinary mom. Her one daughter, Aaliyah has a very rare form of epilepsy, and they are trying to raise the funds to get her a Seizure Alert Dog.

If you would like to help this inspiring family with their fundraising to give Aaliyah a Seizure Alert Dog, you can buy Tupperware from the Online Fundraiser on FaceBook, or make monetary donations at 4 Paws for Ability page for Aaliyah.

Here is “Why We Need a Seizure Alert Dog” from a Mommy’s perspective:

Aaliyah is our beautiful and joyful 9 year old daughter who has been battling epilepsy since immediately after her 3 month vaccinations.  I remember her first seizure like it was yesterday, she was crying for a very long time and we just couldn’t do anything for her. Her daddy was…

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