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Nevus Sebaceous

One of the most recent events in our life is Beth’s upcoming surgery. If you would like to continue on our journey with us, please visit our new page: The Jest_Tu_Positive Life.

The Jest_Tu_Positive Life

When Beth was born, she had a mark on her face. At first we thought it was a birthmark, but our doctor thought perhaps it could be a rash. As time went on, and it’s texture did not change, he sent us to see a Plastic Surgeon. The surgeon informed us that it was a Nevus Sebaceous, which would eventually need to be removed.

A Nevus Sebaceous is basically an abnormal overgrowth of the sebaceous glands, which typically appears on the scalp, face or neck. The majority of cases do not require treatment, beyond monitoring; however, when a child hits puberty the nevus can change. Since the sebaceous glands are oil producing glands, they tend to go into overdrive during puberty. At this time the Nevus Sebaceous can grow, change in texture, or in a very small number of cases become cancerous.

We have been visiting Beth’s Plastic Surgeon one…

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