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Home Therapy

Today was my first Physical Therapy session for the tendonitis/impingement in my shoulder. Thanks to Beth’s OT, I have a PT  who comes to the house, which is pretty cool for a SAHM who has difficulty scheduling time out of the house. The woman is wonderful and I really like her, plus she gives you an ultrasound massage at the end of the session. She said Friday we may try the Tens machine as well.

I found out today that Home Therapy equals Creativity. Since we don’t have any fancy machines, or exercise accessories, Ms. A found items in my house to use for our sessions. Here are my Home Therapy Tools:

JTP home therapy tools

There are several different stretches/exercises using the broom, which I must say are quite painful at the moment. The mandarin oranges are my 1lb weights for the arm exercises. The beach ball is used for a stretch that goes up the wall, and a pressure holding exercise. The angry bird is used to pass around my body in circles. The stretch resistant band is used for several arm exercises when hooked up to the handle of our patio door.  Many of the stretches/exercises are done in the chair, and others are done standing, using my Home Therapy Tools. There are also stretches and push ups using the wall, where my body weight is the Therapy Tool.

As I progress in therapy she would like me to buy some hand-weights, ankle-weights, higher resistant bands, and a pulley-contraption to really work on strengthening and loosening the shoulder. Until that time, I will be using my fun tools, and Henry will be keeping Anne at bay, because she wants to share the toys with mommy.  I am very thankful that Ms. A can see me while Beth is at school, because as long as we let Anne swing or blow/chase bubbles, I can do most of my session in peace.

I was quite sore by the end of our hour session, but the ultrasound massage alleviated some of the pain. Then I iced both shoulders, and now am feeling pretty good. I am hopeful the next 6 weeks will see me building strength in my shoulders and being pain-free a little bit more each day. Cheers to another facet of becoming a healthy parent for my energizer bunny girls, and being strong enough to carry them around when they need a little extra attention from mommy.


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