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Two Years Old Today

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Anne, Happy Birthday to you.

God’s Blessings to you, God’s Blessings to you, God’s Blessings dear Anne, God’s Blessings to you.

Today is Anne’s 2nd birthday. I truly cannot believe that it has been two years since we were blessed with another miracle. I was in labor for 18hours with her, but the only thing I can remember is her beautiful face and the amazing feeling of finally holding her. We brought her home, and it has been an adventure ever since. Although physically she resembles my husband’s side of the family, spiritually she mostly favors my side. She has very expressive facial features, since the day she was born she could give you one of the “Grandma Dorothy Looks” and stop you in your tracks. She is also very adept at the “Grandma Dorothy Hand.” I have always grieved that my Great-Grandmother was called home to Heaven before I had children, but every day I see her in Anne, and I know she is here with us.  It is simply amazing that Gram passed away almost 6 years before Anne was born, but Anne has so many of her mannerisms and a ton of her attitude.

At two years old, Anne already seems wise beyond her years; perhaps it is from all the Angels whispering in her ear. She is so intelligent, and crafty, that most days I can safely say I was outsmarted by a toddler. Even before her speech started to blossom, she could always communicate her wants and needs very well. Now that she is actually talking more, she tells you exactly what she wants (i.e. sleep, food, drink, bath, play, etc…) and when she wants it, which is usually Now.  Our girl knows how to get what she needs and wants, and honestly leaves very little for us to guess at. She has also become quite the little helper and wants to “Helpie” with everything we do. Maybe the more she helps us with the cats, they may actually start to trust her and let her pet them, which would put her on Cloud Nine, because she LOVES animals, especially her “Kitty-Kitties.”

Although Anne can be quite independent, she is also a total cuddle bug. She gives the BEST hugs and you melt every time she races into your arms and squeezes tight. She also has gotten very good at entertaining herself, and most times is perfectly content to sit and play alone.  It is almost as if she already understands that sister needs extra attention at times, and she is showing us it is okay. As a mom I want to do everything equal for my girls, and in the past, most days left me feeling as though I had to “neglect” one to meet the needs of the other. As the girls get older, I still feel these pangs of guilt and uncertainty, but it is much less frequent. We do the best we can, and some days are easy and others are a struggle; being an only-child, I am learning right along with the girls about how to create a happy home for siblings. The times when they can actually tolerate and play with each other are the most wonderful days, because we can just all be together playing, laughing and loving life.

Anne is our baby, but she has taught us so much. She is a strong-willed girl, who is going to do extraordinary things in life. We are blessed that she chose us for her parents, and we are privileged to walk alongside her on her journey. We have our dreams for her, but I think our TWO year old little lady is going to blaze her own trail, knowing all along that Mommy and Daddy are right behind her beaming with Pride and Love. Thank You Anne for all that you are and all that you do, you are a blessing and source of great joy to everyone who knows you. We love you baby, Happy Birthday!


birthday princess



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