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6 months of blessings

Today is Dorothy and Autism Proud’s 6month anniversary. It seems like just yesterday I posted my first blog and yet here I am looking at my stats for 45 posts, which have been viewed  a total of 1,086 times  in 30+ countries and 16+ languages, at least that is what WordPress tells me. Since I don’t know a lot about blogging I am mot sure how good these stats actually are, but it feels like a HUGE accomplishment to us.

People are actually finding Our Journey via search engines and sharing it with their loved ones. I cannot even express my level of excitement, humility, joy and pride. While I wish I could write more often, I know that I am writing as much/little as I am meant to at this time on Our current path. THANK YOU to all those who read my posts and visit Our page; because of you I have an entire new level of Inspiration and Faith that is filling Our Journey with even more Positive, Love, Hope, Acceptance and Tolerance, which can make a difference in showing the world that Different is NOT Less and Ours is Magical world filled with never-ending Miracles and Blessings.

Now that I have bragged and gushed a bit, I would like to take a moment and reflect on where Our Journey has taken us over the past 6months. We have come such a long way in such a short period of time. In April I was hurt, disappointed, angry, fed-up and probably had as much nastiness and negativity in me as the people I was trying to show the “proverbial light” to. In the beginning I wrote as I was trying to win an argument, and if it had not been for Marie proof-reading my early posts, I think Autism Proud would have crashed and burned almost as soon as it started. I was also early in my recovery with Al-Anon, and although I could talk-the-talk, I was not yet proficient at walking-the-walk. There is a long road between Awareness and Action, and it is called Acceptance. I learned that when you try to take short-cuts you miss a very important and wondrous part of the path.

Some days are more of a struggle than others, and staying positive is a battle I think I will fight for the rest of my life. Being positive, and seeing the bright side of life, is a choice and therefore it can be tested at anytime. I pray that as time passes and I progress in my program that it will become second nature, but until then I must stay vigilant to keep the negativity at bay. Although I can already see that something has changed in me, which has also changed Our Journey in a beautiful way. I no longer go to the dark-side as my first reaction, I no longer judge and criticize what I do not understand, I no longer feel defensive all the time, and I no longer think there is a cosmic plot against me. I spend less time asking “Why Me?” and more time being thankful for all the blessings in Our life and instead asking “What do I need to learn here?” Others can see and feel the change as well, and it makes our daily interactions more enjoyable and less stressful, most days. 😉

I do not have all (if any of) the answers when it comes to Autism, Al-Anon, Motherhood, Spouses, Family, Friends, etc… However, I am finding new thought processes and ways of behaving that suit Our family goals. Our more positive way of viewing the world not only helps me be the woman I know I can be; but our family is truly showing what Hope, Love, Faith, Respect and Acceptance for ALL can do. We want our children to grow-up loving, respecting and accepting everyone for who they are; the only way we can teach them this priceless lesson is to live it. One of my favorite passages from Hope For Today sums it up perfectly: “I cried to my God, ‘Where will I ever find integrity?’ The answer was this: ‘If you want integrity in your life, you must express it yourself.’ My next thought was ‘Let It Begin with Me.’

♥ We are letting it begin with Us, and we THANK YOU for helping light Our Path! ♥

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