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M is for Mission

M is for MISSION

M is for MISSION.

Mission is defined as: “A specific task or duty assigned to a person or group of people…” –

A mission in the military may be assigned, but in life it is usually something that we choose. Our life mission consists of our goals and dreams. Our mission is to raise healthy and happy children, who know they are loved and supported always. When our oldest daughter was diagnosed with Autistic Disorder, this did not change our mission; it served to make our mission even more important. A child with special needs will face many challenges in life; one of the biggest hurdles they will need to overcome is preconceived notions regarding their condition based on negative stereotypes, misinformation and intolerance.

When our family entered the Au-Some and Au-Inspiring Special Needs World, I was hungry for knowledge and guidance. I felt I needed to become a sponge and absorb as much information as possible, so we could achieve our mission. I wanted to talk to people, follow blogs, like FaceBook pages, read stories, etc… I wanted to learn from the parents who came before us. I yearned for hope, faith and love in our children, in ourselves, and in the world. Unfortunately, what I found the majority of time was the exact opposite. I found people who would rather blame someone/something, than actually look at their amazing child and see their potential for greatness. I found people lamenting the horrors of special needs parenting; so consumed with bitterness and negativity, that they painted a horrific picture of Autism and many of its fellow diagnoses. I was disappointed and thought, THIS could not be all there was to the Special Needs Community.  Luckily, I found some wonderful FaceBook pages that gave me the inspiration I needed to push forward. I am also blessed to have made some very extraordinary mom-friends in the Special Needs Community, who help me stay positive and celebrate ALL of our achievements.

As a result of my experiences, I feel as though I have been called for another mission in life. I believe my second mission is to spread a message of love, acceptance, faith, and joy. A diagnosis of ASD is not a curse; it is simply a medical term to help us, and our children, in receiving the correct assistance necessary to thrive in life. Sadly too many people bully their way into the spotlight to show the negative side of ASD and Special Needs Parenting. Although the life of a Special Needs Family is far from easy, it is not all doom and gloom; for every negative, there IS a positive. I feel I have been called to spread the message of positivity and to show the world just how beautiful and wondrous the Special Needs Community truly is. If we could only open our hearts and minds enough to discard our judgments and cruelty, we could see the Au-Someness in the Special Needs Community and enjoy all the miracles and blessings they bring to the world. Autism Proud ♥♥♥ Imagine the Possibilities!

Mission “Our Way” is defined as:  “A spiritual roadmap of Our Journey, based in love and positivity, comprised of all Our dreams, aspirations, ideals, faith and knowledge.”


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  1. When I posted this, I did not realize I had a typo. I had “M is Mission” instead of “M is for Mission” I have corrected it, and hope that it does not cause any issues with the link. 😉

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