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H is for Happiness



Happiness is defined as: “Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.” – Wikipedia

I don’t think I could say it much better than that. Although I think it is important to know that happiness is not ALL the time. You must weather the storms of the less appealing emotions to truly appreciate and recognize happiness and contentment. I love that they define it as “a mental or emotional state” because we do believe that we are only as happy as we decide to be. We love our life; the bad times make us stronger, and often teach us a valuable lessen; the good times are what makes everything else worth it and fill our heart with a happy beyond description.

The path we journey down with special needs children is not always a happy, care-free, enjoyable one. Sometimes our path is filled with stress, anger, sadness, exhaustion, frustration, etc… However all we need is that smile, glint in the eye, hug, or any type of sign that indicates our children are happy and all the negative falls away. Our own personal happiness often times takes a backseat to the pursuit of happiness for our children, but that pursuit bonds our family in hope, faith, love and joy. If our children learn that life is not always sunshine and rainbows, but you can push through the dark clouds and rain to find your rainbow, then they will have valuable problem-solving skills with a foundation in faith that no one can take away from them.

My husband and I may not always be happy with ourselves, or each other, or even our beautiful children, but we attempt to show our girls that it is okay to be unhappy with yourself and others. However, you must always be respectful, even in unhappiness. Then look at your situation and find a way to make it happy. Sometimes we are successful and sometimes we are not. We try not to look at this as failure, but another learning and growth experience. We think it is important for our children to know that life is hard and sometimes the world is a cruel, ugly place, but you can overcome anything with a positive attitude, faith and love.  In the words of Abraham Lincoln: “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Happiness “Our Way” is defined as: “A choice we make, followed by actions to achieve that wonderful state. It is a way of thinking, living and just being that helps us face each day with renewed strength and courage.”


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