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D is for Different



Different is defined as: “1. not alike in character or quality; differing; dissimilar: The two are different. 2.  Not identical; separate or distinct: three different answers.  3. Various; several: Different people told me the same story.  4. Not ordinary; unusual.” –

None of these definitions sound like bad traits to me. When did being different become something negative? What happened to the times of encouraging our children to make their mark in the world, stand out and be unique? Our children are unique and different; not more, not less, just different. Our road may not be as smooth as some families, but our road is filled with just as much promise and wonder. Everything depends on your view of the spectrum as the light shines through the diamond.

Instead of viewing our children’s differing abilities as something to overcome, we need to view them as stars that need to shine as brightly as possible. We should help our children embrace their differences so they can build on those strengths. All our children have amazing strengths and abilities; some just need more help showing them to the world. We need to teach our children to embrace their differences and be proud of them, they make us who we are, and who we are is AWESOME and DISTINCT.

One of my favorite movie lines is: Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?”  — What a Girl Wants

Different “Our Way” is defined as: “The key to an extraordinary life filled with diversity, love, hope and faith.”


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