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C is for Communication



 Communication is defined as: “1. the act or process of communicating; fact of being communicated.  2. The imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs…” —

I feel there are two major things missing from this definition, and that is body language and behaviors. Not all children are verbal, not all children can write, but all children can indicate things with their body movements and/or behaviors. Our children may not be able to tell us what they need/want, but we can see by their eyes what they are fixating on. They may not be able to tell us they are sick or what is bothering them, but we can watch to see where are they touching and/or catering to. They may not be able to tell us the range of emotions and thoughts they have, but if we follow their cues, we just may learn something new about them and our world. They may not be able to tell us they love us, but they show us everyday. A child’s body language and behaviors, (especially changes in them), can be a gateway to a wealth of communication; we just need to get better at understanding and reading the signs of what they are trying to tell us. What can we do to open up new lines of communication with our children?

Communication “Our Way” is defined as: “various methods of interaction between us, our children and the world that help us to “talk” to and learn from, or simply love and enjoy, each other.”


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