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B is for Behavior

B is for BEHAVIOR.

B is for BEHAVIOR.

Behavior is defined as: “refers to the actions and mannerisms made by organisms, systems, or artificial entities in conjunction with their environment, which includes the other systems or organisms around as well as the physical environment. It is the response of the system or organism to various stimuli or inputs, whether internal or external, conscious or subconscious, overt or covert, and voluntary or involuntary.” – Wikipedia

Wow! My brain hurts just reading that.  😉

I feel the most important thing to take from that very technical definition is that behavior can be an involuntary response to the environment. As parents of special needs children we have heard all the judgments about our children’s behavior.  Some are favorable and some are down-right atrocious.

When I talk about our Angel’s behavior it encompasses everything they do. A behavior could be a certain way they like to be held. A behavior could be the way they chew/pick at the lip until it bleeds. A behavior could be when they say: “Which One?” letting me know they want to pick something. A behavior could be when they meltdown. A behavior could be the smile they give right before the return to something I have asked them not to do. A behavior could be anything that happens consistently in our day.  I often feel that when I speak about my children’s behaviors people always assume the worst, and can’t see the positives that are being displayed. Even in the worst meltdown, which is far from pleasant, there is a positive; the positive is that they are expelling all the energy and emotion they need to start feeling better. Although they may not have the proper tools to let us know what is upsetting them in a constructive manner, at least they do know how to get it out so they can start getting back to a more calm and happy state. Behaviors do not have to be “good” or “bad”  they can just “be”,  yet again I come back to the belief that the Autistic world is filled with beautiful shades of gray.

Behavior “Our Way” is defined as: “expressions of ones wants/needs, in response to sensory messages being sent/received internally, in reaction to ones environment. Always a learning/teachable opportunity for all involved.”


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